Discover the Arenas


Cyber-attack Experience Centre


Step into the world of cybersecurity like never before. In Arena 1, we invite you to experience the thrills of cyber-attacks without any real-world consequences. Our controlled environment and test devices ensure that you can explore the wisdom of cybersecurity without the fear of losing a dime or a byte of data.
Here, we go beyond boring slides and lengthy lists of do's and don'ts. Instead, you will immerse yourself in real attack scenarios, facing 10+ different common attacks. From QR Code vulnerabilities to mobile malwares, public Wi-Fi threats, and much more, you will learn firsthand how cybercriminals exploit these weaknesses.

Learn and Evolve

Malaysia has become an attractive target for cybercriminals, making awareness and preparedness crucial. In Arena 1, you will gain valuable insights into the latest live attack scenarios on mobiles and laptops. This experiential learning will empower you to understand the evolving cyber threat landscape and equip you with the knowledge to defend against future attacks.

Fortify Your Defenses

In Arena 1, we believe that knowledge is power. By peering into the darker realm of cybersecurity, you will fortify your defenses and discover the gaps in your IT infrastructure. Our seasoned professionals will carry out never-seen-before defense-evading attacks right before your eyes. This unique experience will enable you to fortify your business and stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threats.


Security Operations Centre


Welcome to the heart of Cybertron, where cybersecurity's tenacious heroes, the Security Operations Centre (SOC) analysts, battle against relentless cyberattacks. In Arena 2, you will witness these experts in action as they tirelessly defend against threats in real-time.

A Real-World SOC Experience

Step into the world of SOC operations from attack to detection and response, all happening in real-time and live with our attendees. Experience the intricacies of SOC workflows and understand how these dedicated professionals detect and neutralize cyber threats effectively.

Making SOC Affordable

Security should not be a privilege reserved for large enterprises. In Arena 2, you will learn how we make SOC accessible and affordable for all organisations. Discover our innovative approaches to optimise SOC workflows and leverage automation to enhance efficiency without compromising on security.

Join the Epic Battle

Are you ready to pick your side and be part of the epic battle against cyber threats? Immerse yourself in the unseen world of cybersecurity, where every action matters. Fight alongside our SOC analysts, gain valuable insights, and sharpen your skills to survive in today's evolving threat landscape.


Hacker Corner

Welcome to the Hacker Corner, where you'll have the opportunity to witness never-seen-before defense-evading attacks carried out live by seasoned cybersecurity professionals. Prepare to delve into the darker realm of cyber threats and fortify your defenses.​​

Showcasing the Latest Attacks

In Arena 3, we provide a platform for security professionals to showcase the latest attacks targeting mobile devices, IoT, and more. Stay updated on the evolving threat landscape and gain insights into the techniques employed by cybercriminals. Discover effective strategies and learn how to defend against these sophisticated attacks.

Know thy IT Gaps & Defend thy Business

By peeking into the Hacker Corner, you'll gain valuable insights into your organisation's IT gaps and vulnerabilities. Identify potential weaknesses in your cybersecurity posture and take proactive measures to strengthen your defenses. With this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to safeguard your business from potential threats.